Download Assistant Java error

Keep getting this Java error

Had the same problem, reinstalled download manager. works again.

I have the same problem as I needed to re install all steinberg software on my pc, after that Download Assistant gives me this message… Could anyone help us with it?

Having the same problem…

Any solution?

Same problem here. Uninstalled reinstalled made no difference.

On launching SDA, I get the error " The system default download directory could not be found. please fix this or define a directory via the ‘’ properly in the ‘’ of the Steinberg Download Assistant.

After pressing OK, SDA open’s up but while in the “Settings” my Download directory location is blank. When I click on the three dots’ to change location, I get another error where a window opens up with the following info. "An error occured_Error in and underneath that in the scrolling area of the window, is a long list. like bjorn1, and I am unable to select a download path.

I downloaded and installed the latest java (even though I’ve never had to before) , uninstalled, reinstalled SDA and still getting the errors’.

Any help would be great.

Did anyone ever figure this one out? I’m currently having the same problem.

I just got over this hurdle. It was a surprisingly simple fix but it took me hours to figure out. I went to my downloads library in windows right clicked went to properties/location and then clicked restore default. I restarted the download assistant and everything worked like clockwork.

The prompt didn’t really help and I went through everything from trying to find things in cfg files to change, to trying to get into the code, to trying to find things in the registry to figure out what they meant. Mainly because I’m ignorant. I wonder if they could do a version that helps get the language in the prompt into something dumb users like me can understand a little better.