Download assistant listings

cubase pro 11 is showing up under my products. yet when I run it cubase artist 11 is what loads and runs. there is a disconnect somewhere and I’d like to know how to rectify it. any and all suggestions / assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

The download assistant is not always accurate as far as displaying the programs people own.

But you can see what you own in the Elicenser Control Center.

So which license do you own?

`i own “Cubase Artist 11” but i also mistakenly purchased “Cubase Pro 11 UG 1” which is an education license upgrade which isn’t applicable. so now I have “cubase pro 11” under my downloadable products and “Cubase Pro 11 UG1” under my products on the Steinberg website.

If you bought something by mistake and didn’t activate it you can get a refund. Write to the company shown in your emailed receipt and tell them what happened. I’ve seen many people on the forum who made that mistake, and who received refunds.

if I’m not mistaken, that’s how I ended up with Artist 11, I’ve been asking for the removal of the upgrade from my online account for close to a year now. I guess I will have just deal with it until I can catch the upgrade at a reasonable price. thanks for your information & interactions.