Download Assistant nightmare

I swore that I would wait until a few things like the connections window get a overhaul before I update, but the sale was just too tempting. So here I am, updating from 6 to 11.

And it seems that a once so simple thing as buying a software, getting a download link (or a DVD back in the days) and then installing it turned into an incredibly annoying journey making it as inconvenient as possible and calling it “download assistant”.

  • First of all: why? Why do I have to download and install a software in order to download a software that I want to install?
  • It seems there is no other way, so I installed it in order to download and transfer it to my audio computer. But wait, the download assistant won’t just let you download, you have to install it too!
  • Ok, whatever. I installed it on my laptop too. After all downloads and installations were finished (according to the download assistant) I checked the download folder and noticed that there were folders missing. I also noticed that some folders were empty!
  • So, I downloaded (or better yet, “installed”) Halion content again and after 3GB download I get an error message telling me to download it again.

That’s it, I’m lucky I got the main installer in the conveniently named folder “Cubase Pro 11.0.30 - Application (required)” and am able to transfer it to my audio computer (I’m ready for more surprises…).

So thank you Steinberg for completely killing my initial excitement and wasting two hours of my time…

If the SDA and you are not getting along, you can still download each package separately in our support section:

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Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for! I find it strange that this isn’t mentioned anywhere else. I really can’t confirm the statement that downloading with the SDA is “more convenient and more reliably”.

Sorry for the rant, btw. But I really hate the fact that every software company today wants their users to install some kind of download assistant, install wizard or whatnot just to download files or copy .dlls into folders…