Somebody PLEASE help me…I recently purchased a mixing desk which came with a code for Cubase LE. I followed the instructions on the Steinberg website to the letter…but the Download Assisant does not seem to be downloading properly!! It downloads, but with a warning message to say “Steinberg download assisant was unable to connect to the download manager (aria2)…The browser will be used as a download client. If this error persists, reinstall SDA or check if it is blocked by security settings, firewall or antivrus software”…I have done everything suggested to no avail!! The SDA does open and allows me to chose Cubase to download but simply tells me it cannot be downloaded!! Windows 10 by the way. PLEASE HEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to install and then start Steinberg Download Assistant as administrator, please?