Download Assistant not loading

I tried updating the assistant today as I was prompted from the app. It downloaded the files but reported an error. So I manually downloaded the app from the Steinberg site and installed it. Yet after the install, when I double click or run as an Admin, the app fails to start. Running Windows 10 1903 64 Home. Anyone else experiencing this as well?

Same here, went to get a copy of Groove agent and had to install download assistant now it wont run??? Windows did have an update recently :unamused: Then tryed a elicence update still same issue.

Is it a windows issue??

Same here. After downloading SDA 1.16 yesterday I got a “Signature is corrupt or invalid” message after Edge did a download security scan. The same happens when I download the Cubase 10.0.50 update directly from the Steinberg site. No joy updating directly from SDA 1.15 either. It’s starting to look like a Steinberg issue with their digital signatures.

Thankfully i downloaded the full 10.0.20 install and 10.0.40 update before my other computer died.

Any chime in from Steinberg people for a fix??? My full version of Groove Agent trial will expire before I can even download it at this rate.

Tried reinstalling download assistant from my previous downloads. Wont boot without update? Tried v1.15 & v1.12. Goes to auto update then just hangs. I guess download assistant doesn’t work on Windows 10 anymore.

Hmmmm I can hear crickets among the silence. Is nobody else experiencing this issue?

The Same problem … Download assistant not open

Same here on Win 10. But on Win 7 it works.
Maybe because updates now are only tested with Win 10? :wink:

This is happening to me on both my win10 desktop and win10 laptop. The SDA just won’t launch at all. Tried disabling antivirus and firewall, compatibility settings install/reinstall and it just doesn’t do anything when I click the exe. I just want to download the software I bought but I just can’t get the SDA to work. Very frustrating.

Hi @tonka134, I downloaded it directly from here Hope it helps.

Thank you Stefan,

I actually need an installer for Padshop Pro 2. Steinberg Download assistant fails to launch on both my win10 machines.

Hello .I purchased a drum expansion for grove agent 5 .Opened the download assistant .When prompted to enter email and password .A message comes up that I must authorize Steinberg Download Assistant .That I must allow my browser to open it .Has not happened before .There was an update to the assistant .Could not directly download a Trial either .Windows 10 Pro .

Had the same issue. For me the following solution worked: check your computer’s time with an offical time resource. Im my case my PC was 4 minutes late, I updated the computer time and relaunchec SDA, now it worked, don’t asl me why…

It is happening again!

I do not know what is up with Steinberg lately…

I am trying to download groove agent 5 and the site will not load.

funny it says this on an alternative download page

Download faster, more convenient and more reliably using the [Steinberg Download Assistant]