Download assistant not showing cubase pro 12 in My Downloads

Hi, I got my code to upgrade for free to Cubase 12[with grace period, Cubase Pro 11 Purchased after 9th NOV 21].
I had a download access code, i redeem it but, now I also get
Cubase 11 not upgradable on my product list , Cubase 12 pro doesn’t appear on my Steinberg product.
e-licenser saying that my license is NOT UPGRADABLE.
Kindly Help Me.

Same issue for me. I successfully upgraded from 11 pro to 12 pro using the free grace period upgrade also, and the app is working, but its just not showing up in the Steinberg Download Assistant ‘My product downloads’ tab.

Did you redeem the DAC in the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Yes, i have redeem DAC but still not showing cubase pro 12 in my downloads tab.

Ok. But you can still of directly to the Cubase tab and just install Cubase Pro 12?

The My Product Downloads tab is just a help to find the installer easier. It’s not reflecting your account or licences.

I too have this issue. The result is contrary to what is indicated in the upgrade email, which clearly states that cubase 12 will be added under your ‘my product downloads’ tab after activation. It has not been. The license itself is working fine but it would be nice to get this corrected.

I don’t think there are any 2 official instructions that are not contradictory to one another.

I have the same issue. Cubase 12 works after the upgrade procedure and a standard download from the Cubase 12 tab instead of from the “My product downloads” tab where it does not appear. I just hope that it is not as I had with the Dorico 4.0 update. During the upgrade a demo version had been authorised and after 30 days Dorico 4 stopped working. It took more than 2 days to get it fixed in the middle of a project I was working on.

In this case I do see Cubase 12 in “My Steinberg” as activated on one machine . So my hopes are high that it is just a glitch in the download manager this time.

Just want to remind people

I understood that but if it does not work as described in the official Steinberg instruction better get rid of it. Simpler is better.

Steinberg license systems are probably the most complicated of all the many plug-ins I own. If I bought Cubase 12 it is obvious that I should download it from the the Cubase 12 tab. No need for the addtional My products download tab, Acquired licenses are summarised in My Steinberg. So that gives the full overview.

Same for me , I was a bit lost with eLicenser/download assistant/activation manager/My steinberg, but now all work perfectly. Just cubase 12 is not in “My download”, just need to download it on “cubase” and It work. I did that on 2 PC and license is Ok just need to activate on activation manager and it’s done, no need elicenser and the dongle anymore <3

BUG??? I am a grace period upgrade user, but there is no version 12 in the downloader! I’m helpless!

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Everything else is normal

Online activation 12 can be used, but there is no 12 in the download assistant

It’s there, in the Cubase section

Did you look in the little section that says ‘Cubase’?

Just want to remind people

There is no 12 in my product download

I have just spent nearly $500 buying Cubase 12 pro when I had Cubase elements but I had crossgrades with Bitwig and FL studio and PreSonus studio pro And there’s just no way it is showing in my e licenser. All it is showing is dorico elements Cubase 11 elements and the free software sequel so I’m really really not impressed with Steinberg after spending half a k of hard earned money not impressed at all.

It will not show in your Elicenser, see Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg for the info about that.

This topic is about the DOownload Assistant, by the way.