Download Assistant: not userfriendly

Hello everyone,

any idea why some licenses are shown in “My Product Downloads” and some you have to know and look in the category if some update is available??
The Drum Expansions for Groove Agent for example are only the respective category / the Neon Drift for Retrologue 2 is shown.
Is there a way to be noticed automatically, if an update pops up?
Also I had a Cubase 12 Pro Trial, which can’t be removed. Even after buying the Artist Version…

That is NOT userfriendly!

Pleeeeasy fix this, so I can keep on loving you :handshake:

[PS: using MacOS Monterey]

Well case “closed”:
it is as it is, guess we just have to wait for a more integrating / and spanning tool. Here and there in the forum reading between the lines from moderators it is in the making. Since a long time though.
Here some :tropical_drink: :teapot: :potable_water: :beers: :cocktail: :wine_glass: for the #developer s