Download Assistant: only shows install

I am re-installing Cubase and my other Steinberg software but I noticed that in the Download Assistant I only have the option ‘Install’, which directly installs Cubase to the C drive (which I don’t want). Previously, we had the option ’ Download’ and, subsequently, ‘Open’ during which we could specify the install path. Where did this go? I prefer to use the Assistant instead of downloading manually from the Steinberg site.

OS: Windows 11

The program Cubase should always be installed on the C drive. The actual content for halion etc can be installed on a separate drive.even if you install on the c drive you can move it.

That is actually not true. I had all my Steinberg software (cubase ,wavelab, spectralayers and dorico) installed on a different drive…
I just installed a different computer and now it doesn’t seem to be possible with the Assistant, but I can do it manually.
There are other posts on internet that report the same, but it is unclear if this is changed in the Assistant, or a bug, or a feature of the new version?

In that case just go to the download page. I tend to go there anyway for full versions when installing.

Doesn’t make any sense…only for the Cubase section there are many downloads. Now I would have to find all of them individually, click multiple times to download in case there are pdfs etc.

From the Steinberg website:

  • The corresponding download options appear on the right.
  • Click the [Download] button next to the item you want to download.
  • Once the download has been completed, the download progress bar turns green.
  • Click [Open] resp. [Install].
  • [Install] Clicking [Install] starts a “silent” installation of the software. The animated blue progress bar is showing that the software is being installed in the background. As soon as the installation has been completed, the progress bar turns green and will be marked by a white checkmark symbol. You can now run the software.
  • [Open] If you click open, the folder containing the downloaded file(s) will be opened in your operating system’s file browser.

SDA is stupid program that tries to capture where your programs are installed. But it obviously doesn’t work properly!

To download content go to:

Could you not locate the Download folder, and execute the file from there?

Yes, but only after it is installed to the C-drive.

That’s strange. Maybe try this, uninstall Cubase reinstall the full installer (Cubase 12.0.12) choosing the location you want and then install the update.

I’ve got Cubase and all plugins installed on drive D:, and all Samples’ on Drive E:. I downloaded via the SDA, located the file, executed it and chose the path I wanted. After that, all Cubase Updates that I download and install via the SAM, are defaulted to drive D:. Work’s the same way for sound library updates’ too.