Download Assistant question

So I have just upgraded from Cubase 11 Pro to 12 Pro and successfully activated.
Opening fine and great to be able to make it work even on Mojave 10.14.6 osx.

One question bugging me is,

How do I know what have been installed right,
and what else am I eligible to install and also what ‘updates’ are available…?

Are these clearly shown on it or…
assistant app is very basic and I cannot find that out…?

There are many ‘extra’ downloadable contents I can see? but I am not sure which are available for me?

Also even Cubase 11 and 12 are shown to be just as ‘default’,
what I mean here is, it shows ‘install’ so I don’t know whether it has been installed or not…?

But both are installed, and it would be nice to see whether newer updates are available or not?

I don’t get this assistant app, what am I missing?

*So, some things say, ‘install’, some things say, ‘download’
None of these say, ‘installed’ but 11 and 12 are installed already… I am slightly confused here,
because I do not want to download anything that have been installed already you know…?


All content, which is under the Cubase 12 Pro (if you are Cubase 12 Pro owner) “folder” in the Steinberg Download Assistant, is part of Cubase 12 Pro license. So you can download all of these. For anything else, you need an extra license.

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Ok :slight_smile: Thanks!
Would it possibly, repeatedly install again ‘if’ some contents are already installed? or will not…?
(Contents from like… Cubase 11 or 10…?)

You should download all plug-ins listed under “Cubase Pro 12”, since they’ve been updated to support Steinberg Licensing.

To check what content you’ve already installed, please run the Steinberg Library Manager.

Thank you! I have just installed everything :slight_smile:

I have left so many bonus contents uninstalled since Cubase 11 Pro… haha…

Thanks! But library manager, accidentally opened it but does it run as separate app? I don’t see it any more.


Yes, Steinberg Library Manager is separate application.

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Ah, I will download that too. Thanks.

Hi, I also don’t understand this. The advice above says to download everything in the Cubase 12 folder. Really ?? So all the loops, samples, instruments, much of which I have already installed for Cubase 11, I need to download and install again ? Some of these sample libaries are huge, surely I don’t need to have 2 lots of folders containing the same samples purely to run them on a slighly newer version of cubase. Am i missing something ? Thanks in advance.

No. If you already have the content you don’t have to redownload, of course.
and –