Download Assistant - Reconnecting already downloaded content

Hi all,

I am having trouble with the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Precisely, it is not recognizing already downloaded content. Since there is a LOT of it,
this makes it harder for me to know what is already installed, and what needs updating.

Is there a way to reconnect already downloaded materials, so the Assistant knows what I already have on my system?


Using Mac OSX 10.15.7 Catalina, Macbook Pro 2019, 16GB RAM.
Steinberg Download Assistant version 1.20.2

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l’m really hoping this is improved - and could tell you what needed updating etc…

At the moment I don’t find it any more useful than just downloading direct.



A more comprehensive download center with vesion checking would be great. I have more than one system and keeping everything in synk is sometimes hard.



I agree. Steinberg Download Assistant is showing me a list of items to download which contains content I already have installed (current versions of Cubase Pro, Retrologue, Padshop, and Groove Agent), and content which is new (a newer version of Halion Sonic SE), with no distinction between them. This is poor.

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Here same thing… I usually check one morning a week, and it takes me forever to get behind which elements from the steinberg software bundle need updates… NI and Roland do this better to name two other compnies… it should be not that difficult to scan what is already installed and what I am entitled to install, right?

Pareil !
Je suis obligé de noter quelle version de padshop, spectralayers etc… est disponible sur le l’assistant de téléchargement puis d’ouvrir cubase et d’ouvrir les vst un par un pour voir quelle version j’ai.
Bon ça encore, ça passe , mais je ne sais pas du tout si les banques de sons qui vont avec ou même les banques de sons autonomes (genre bloom) sont up to date ou pas.
C’est très frustrant !

Ditto. New user, found thid thread thinking I was missing something. The download assistant doesn’t show what’s installed or whether it’s current. So I opened the library manager, tells me what’s installed. However, the Download Assistant shows the version number, no date, and the Library Manager only shows the install date?? If they at least showed the same info, we could tell if it was current manually. I’m glad that Nuendo doesn’t push updates and break current projects, but I can’t believe this has been around 20 years and it can’t even tell if it needs updated?

Is this in the plans to be fixed?


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I come on here to see if they post updates. :wink:

Just checking in, has anyone heard or seen an update to this? It seems odd for an application of this caliber to not have a proper update manager?