Download Assistant - Show Available Updates

Is it possible for Steinberg Download Assistant to show available updates to installed products? When I click on a product it just shows version and size. It doesn’t tell me the version I have installed. At the moment, I have to open each plugin and click “About”, which gets a bit tiresome for each product.


This is planned for a future update. At the moment, for Cubase 11 for instance, you have the “Installation instruction” pdf that lists what has changed since the last update.
You can also check the regular download pages for details on the updated components:
Cubase 11 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

I was just about to login to ask this. The Download Assistant is incredibly clunky. I just wanna download a maintenance update. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that most users likely just go to their account on the website for these tasks, which speaks volumes as to its implementation. Surely, you can have a filter category for your owned products and updates you don’t have? this is pretty much how every other content manager operates.