Download Assistant showing Spectralayers 9.0.20 update

I am a Cubase 12 owner with Spectralyers 8 currently installed. On opening the Steinberg DL Assistant today, I saw a prompt for Spectralayers 9.0.20 update, though I don’t own an individual license for SL9.

Will this overwrite Spectralayers 8 and will it allow me to run SLOne 9 only or the full app? I am slightly confused as this was not present in my update list previously.

Any advice would be welcome.

I don’t remember what happened to SL 8 when I installed SL 9., but the apps are the same for One and the full SL. It’s the license that determines the features. You can always uninstall and go back to 8 if the install screws things up.

Thanks for your swift response. Was hoping for a more definitive answer, but at least you confirmed my existing thoughts.

May give it a go later. Surely somebody from Steinberg knows. The only reason for my query is that it appeared in DL assistant and was not present before. That at least seems suggests that SL9 One will work if nothing else.

I’ve installed Spectralayers 9.0.20 in Cubase 12.0.60, no issues. I don’t have a separate Spectralayers license.

Thanks. Good to know. Do you use the standalone also, or does this require an additional SL9 Pro license?

Funny enough I just did that update a couple of days ago.
After installing SL One 9.0.20 through the download assistant I had SL One 9 additionally to SL One 8 on my computer. Both work also stand-alone.

NB: The version of SL that is included in Cubase Pro is called “Spectral Layers One”.

Thanks Johnny. I have removed v8 now. All working as SL One, though probably worth it for any improvements in version 9.