Download assistant stuck near end of download, no error popup / freeze

I’m downloading Groove Agent SE 5.1.11 from the download assistant (from the Cubase Elements 12 tab, but it’s the only application I’ve tried to download so far), and it is marked as being of size 171…51 MB.
I’ve let it do its thing for the last 30 minutes, and it has spent 20 of those being stuck at 171.44 MB downloaded. The Assistant is otherwise responsive, and I can navigate via web browser meaning my connection is working.
Any ideas as to what I could do?

UPDATE: after 30 more minutes of waiting, I pressed the pause download button (unsure how it’s specifically labeled in English, but it’s the one that replaces “install” in the specific item’s line in the main window). That caused a complete freeze of the entire application, which became unable to be closed through the normal X window button. I had to close it through the “not responding” Windows popup.
teinberg Download Assistant now doesn’t start up at all anymore.
I’ve already thrown half an afternoon down the drain.

Hi there, It’s a total Mess !!! Had Nuendo, Halion 7 and all products around them to update yesterday and no way, hang freeze … please Steinberg don’t tell me my connexion is in cause I tried with box optic fiber, 4G router and share with my Iphone in 5G ALL THE SAME… every time had to reboot the PC of course… SHAME wasting of time !!!