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Hi, this might be dumb questions but will give it a go anyway.

I have managed to install the download assistant and am downloading the V11 pro files. I started to hit the download button for each individual file then after about 20 mins realized that I had set the target for the files to my C:Users\Downloads\Steinberg drive. This had only about 16Gb of space free which is now filling up.

Am I supposed to direct the files temporarily to a different drive with loads of capacity, save the docs and then install from there? Will all the files/utilities etc be re-routed correctly from there?

I have been in to my 'C drive Steinberg folder to move things away to create capacity but I am not afraid I will have files and folders scattered about the pc?

Any thoughts?


This is just the download folder, so the installers will be downloaded to the folder you specify here. It’s not about the installation folder. The installation folder will be chosen while the installation process.

Do yes, you can choose any folder here.

Thanks Martin, sorted now. A re-install of windows gave me all the space I needed anyway.


If what you’re saying is true then I can change the target folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant as often as I want, to download things to different locations depending on what they are? Is that correct?


Yes, you can. But as I said, this is just the download folder. After downloading it might by installed to totally different folder. Speaking about the content, you can change the installed folder in the Steinberg Library Manager.

But keep in mind even if you leave the Download Location the same for every product the Download Assistant will create unique sub-folders for each product. So there is no real need to separate them manually.

I have a similar question related to the “target folder” definition required by Steinberg’s Download Assistant.

Initially I have defined that target download folder inside my “Cubase Pro 12” directory which is located at “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase Pro 12\Downloads)”. The Download Assistant even had Admin permissions to write to that “Program Files” area. So far so good.

Now, a few years later I feel that it was not a very good choice to define that specific target download location, as I have installed other Steinberg products like Absolute 6 in the meantime which are not directly related to “Cubase Pro 12”. In addition, if I’m going to install Cubase Pro 13 within the next few days, a new target download folder would be anyway appreciated.

Now, my question is how I could just “move” the Steinberg target download path very efficiently without having to “re-download” or even “re-install” everything from scratch? All installed Steinberg applications and library contents are anyway correctly located already in their proper spots.

For example, if I’d move the complete Steinberg Download Assistant target folder content - including all subfolders and contained installers etc. - to a new location (e.g. located on a different SSD), then enter Steinberg Download Assistant and re-define the official download path in the preferences menu accordingly, would this work? Would I immediately see all “green bars” again for all previously installed products and libraries, or would I have to re-download and re-install the whole stuff again in order to get that cleaned up view? Or should I first “copy” the complete download target folder content to the new location only, change the official Download Assistant’s path then, and after that procedure safely erase the old path’s content?

Please advise, as I don’t want to mess up the current “status” of the green indicators within Steinberg Download Assistant but having the chance to change the target location in any way. Maybe you can give me a hint what would be the exact approach to minimize any additional download efforts.

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice.

Edit: I have chosen the option to “keep” installers within that target download folder, as this is another way to prevent multiple downloads later in case of any application disaster.

Totally confused here…

Can we not get rid of “Target Folder” as it means different things to different people in different stages of download and installation.

Can we have definitive Download location (which might be my Disc N folder)

and the definitive Presets folder (normally a Drive C user folder)

and the definitive Vstsounds folder (which might be my Disc C or D or whatever folder ) for the space offered.

and the assumption is that program files and VSTs will be on C: Program files?

I would never want the downloaded files (and their duplicated space ) in the final installation location, but may keep them on a slow ‘backup’ disc somewhere. else (or external / network drive for laptop users?)

(and suitable options for OS users).

More clarity please, would be nice

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