Download assistant won't work

I’ve been trying to get this Download Assistant to work. It won’t install itself correctly (keeps failing to copy aria2c.exe) and even if I manually download all the other five installers to get it work, it just doesn’t start (“Steinberg Download Assistant was unable to connect to the download manager”)
I’ve even tried to disable all of my virus protections and firewalls and even that didn’t help at all.

Now this isn’t the first time this has happened or not even the only machine that I’ve encountered the problem with. It’s every effin’ time I’ve tried to update the Download Assistant that I’ve had similar problems. I have never started the program and had the internal update program to work correctly and never have the manual update worked right away.

I’ve totally lost my nerves with this and the hours of troubleshooting of totally useless advices from Steinberg’s pages troublesooting.
What the ■■■■ I have to do to get this work without a hours of “try this”-bullshit?
Can’t you just release the program as a online Excell-document or similar that has updated url’s to the install files instead of this crap?

-Markus B.

strange …
It installed flawlessly on my PC (multiple times) and I guess on thousands of others.

Now the question is: are you venting your frustration or are you looking for help?
In the latter case, feel free to share some info relevant to the problem.

Anyhow, if I could, I’d help you.

Cheers !

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Usually the first install works just fine. I’ve had one computer that didn’t work even with the first install. That computer was a super-secure config, so I wouldn’t count it as a failure so much.
However… When the Downloader is installed and you don’t use it for month or two, the updates come in and render the program useless. The first start tries to update the program, but has always failed (usually in the last meters of downloading/installing). After that it won’t start and spews out some sort of error. Then the troublesooting manual suggest you download the 4-5 individual installers to fix the problem and after that it is just a dice throwing to get it to work.
I’ve had this problem at least three or more times with this current machine. The only time it worked without any kind of problem was the first time. Every update crashes it.

This time I did the full cycle few times and suddenly it just started to work. Nothing that I did solved the problem per’se. I did the installations, tried and didn’t work, went to the bathroom, tried again and it started.
It might have something to do with the small components/programs it uses. At least when the program normally closes after the error stop, I have to manually terminate some processes at the task manager (the main program stays and at least the aria2c.exe). Nothing to confirm that, though.

I get it about the updates indeed.

Here you can find the latest Steinberg Download Assistant.

On this page you can find additional info on how things work.
You also may want to verify if your computers meet the requirements.

Good luck!

I resolved the problem just uninstalling Steinberg Download Assistant and installing again and restarted comp.
Everything was fine.
Yes, the anti virus system was disabled all the time.