Download Assistant

Have no idea where to put this so I’ve posted here.

Have a problem with EVERYTHING!!

Download assistants gives Java error and won’t work on latest MAC OS. Can’t log on to MySteinberg as it keeps saying it has sent a security email to my address which NEVER arrives. Have sent a ticket which is unanswered. I have spent a fortune on Cubase 9.5’ Absolute 2 (which I want to upgrade) and Wavelab 9.5. BUT I CANT DOWNLOAD THEM TO MY NEW MAC.

Please could someone help or areas to get Steinberg to notice a customer


Thanks, but I’ve already been here and all but 3 items still require Download Assistant which reports something about a java 1960 error. But thanks for the reply

FWIW - working fine on Catalina here

try reinstalling the Download Assistant without ARIA2 - then it just uses your web browser to download
try using your old computer to download then transfer to your new computer


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my last computer was PC. Different OS, so I don’t think it will work. Correct if wrong bough. Most grateful. Moved over to Mac fir accessibility reasons as have list my sight.

you can download the mac versions using a windows PC - only takes a few minutes to test…actually quicker than ranting on here :smiley:

I’ll give it a go. Thqnks

Have solved it.p!! Thank you for all your suggestions but it seemed all I had to do was to switch off all accessibility like Apple VoiceOver and get someone with eyes to do it for me.

Hen you look up discrimination in the dictionary, Steinberg will be looking right back at you

excellent - good luck with getting all up and running :slight_smile: