Download Assistent install error

[SOLVED] the installer is not present in the specific folder but is in the context-menu/double click on .VSTSSOUND files. After double click on the vstsound files the lib manager is opened and content is moved/copied to my default library location. Unfortunately the download assistant is not able to do that…but why?

I’m trying to update from Cubase 9 pro to 11 pro.
When trying to install a content set with the Download Assistent I constantly get the error:

‘Installation failed due to an unknown error. The installer was succesfully downloaded to the specified folder. To launch the…double click the installer file’

The installer however is not in the download folder of the content folder, only the content files are present…
Because it does not give me any information I have no idea what is wrong (no event in event viewer)
Anyone have any idea, I’m really stuck here…

Please add your OS and other system info at in the About Me box

To get an answer from someone on the forum, please specify full paths of the folders, and the path of the default download folder listed in the Download Assistant .

Your thread reads solved. How did you solve it? I’m currently having the same issue.

I was able to double click the .vstsound files in the download location, this triggers the Steinberg Library Manager to add them to the library with the correct location. In other words I really just used the download manager to download my files and not have them registered…hope this helps!

Actually I would not consider the status of the issue you described as ’ solved’ because it was not. You just found the way around but Steinberg should have provided the fix so it would work straight from the Download assistant.