Download Code already used by another user?


I registered to MySteinberg, but when I insert the Download Access Code that i found on my new Yamaha mixer (all seals on the box was ok!) on “My products / Enter Download Access Code” page, it return this error:

«This Download Access Code has already been used by another user.»

How can that be possible!?
The mixer is brand new!

Has anyone had the same problem?

… I wrote to Steinberg support but I had no answer yet.

TNX to all!


Send an email to the official Steinberg support, please. They can check your Activation Code, and find the way.

I did it 16 days ago…
no answer at the moment :frowning:

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After nearly two months with no response,
I wonder if Steinberg care anything about customers.

I thought Cubase AI could be the opportunity to try Steinberg’s products but, at this point, I will stay happily with Logic.

The message is “…contact the customer”

Now, How can I use for recording audio?? It’s 1 month,
I have bought the product without support?

It really just means the code was already used, and can’t be used again. That simple.

If you bought the device new, go to the seller. If not new the previous user has the license.