Download code license upgrade hangs license lost?


I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this? After entering a download code in Download Manager, license upgrade hung and now I do not have that license and cannot seem to get it back. I wrote to Steinberg support but is there a faster way to figure this out? Any ideas?


– Jason

The faster you provide more details, the faster you can “figure this out”.

A download access code for what, exactly?

It was an upgrade from Absolute 5 to Absolute 6. There’s not much more detail:

  • paid for the upgrade
  • put the code in Download Assistant
  • it said “upgrade license”
  • I said, yes
  • it launched eLicenser, hung and I eventually had to kill it

Now I have a download code that says it’s already been used, and when I try to use anything from Absolute 6 it says I don’t have a license.

Thanks for answering.

– Jason

Did you open the Activation Manager and activated Absolute 6? It is no longer using the eLicenser.

I tried, but it there is no license available there. My Absolute 5 license was on eLicenser so I think when it asked if I wanted to upgrade that license and then froze, it lost the license. I have no idea how to get it back.

I created a ticket with asknet support. I guess I’ll just wait…

What do you actually see in the eLicenser Control Center?

What do you see in your MySteinberg account?

Have you tried to run maintenance in the eLCC?

I see the Absolute 5 license in eLicenser. I did not think to run maintenance, but I just tried, and it didn’t change anything. I still see Absolute 5. But thank you for the tip and reminder.

I would’ve thought purchasing at AskNet would somehow make your license visible at when you log in and look at your licensed products, but it seems like not. You get a download code and one shot to try to upgrade from eLicenser to Steinberg licensing? Hopefully AskNet support will be able to deal with it.

Thanks again for the suggestions,

– Jason

I was able to connect with Steinberg support on chat and they straightened it all out immediately. Excellent support!

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That’s awesome! :sunglasses: