download Cubase AI 6 - Yamaha Audiogram6

Is there any possibility to download Cubase AI 6, the version that comes with the yamaha Audiogram6?

I bought it, installed it, it worked, but today it had some really strange errors and i deinstalled it. but i don´t have the cd around (it´s 2000 miles away -.-). now i want to re-install it, but i need the cd or a download. please tell my i don´t need to ask my parents to send me the cd via mail. it would probably get destroyed in the process.

i already looked at yamahas page but did not find a download link.

AI 6?

AI 6, Yes. thanks, I change that…

I think, and I may be wrong, but you may have to get your parents to post you the CD

i don´t hope so, because if it´s not a big packet (10-15€) the mailman will try and forcefeed the cd into my postbox, wich is not capable of eating cds -.-. faucking copyprotection -.-

Other question: Is it possible to use the audiogram6 with the good quality asio sounddriver hand in hand with Audacity (or another free recording tool)? I tried and googled a lot, without success.

Yes, you can use the Audiogram with other ASIO drivers. If you’re on Windows, ASIO4All is a good one.

Neither Steinberg or Yamaha allow downloading Cubase AI, you need the original CD that came with the Audiogram.

thx but isnt there a difference in sound quality between asio4all and the yamaha-usb-asio driver if i use the audiogram6? i think i have background noise and a slightly worse soundquality using asio4all, but the problem could be elsewhere too. i thought it was the driver…

I lost my Cubase AI 6 software. Could you please help me in downloading this. I have an active license.