Download Cubase AI 6

I have a license for Cubase AI 6 I haven’t used in a while. Where am I able to download an .iso of Cubase AI 6? Also, it it possible to transfer this license to my lapto “soft elicenser” so I won’t need my usb dongle?

You can transfer that license by registering the soft eLicenser that has your Cubase AI license to your MySteinberg account. Then just follow the steps under “How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?”:

About the ISO I don’t know, but you could upgrade your Cubase AI 6 license to Cubase Elements 8 for € 49.99. That will permanently add a Cubase Elements download link to your MySteinberg account, and of course it’s also a bit less limited than the AI/LE versions.

Thanks for the info. Any mods that can PM me a download link, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Sunshy,

Please check your inbox for the Cubase AI 6 ISO download.


Thank you. I upgraded to 8 in any case!

Hi, I have purchased a zoom h4n a long time ago which brought a ‘cubase ai 6’ license and the software as well but I have lost the installation cd, and anyway I have changed the laptop. So, is it possible to get an .iso download link as well?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Marshan,

Please check your Inbox. :wink:


I need Cubase AI 6, Can you send me tha mail please?

Also looking for an iso for Cubase AI 6. Haven’t used my license for a long time, and formatted the drive that had it originally.


I have the same problem. I have the key for Ai 6 but i dont have the CD anymore. Where can i get a download link for Cubase AI 6? thank you!


I bought Yamaha THR10 couple years ago and received Cubase AI 6 with it. Now I’ve also lost the installing CD. Could I receive the download link for Cubase AI 6?

Thanks a lot!

It looks like steinberg support is on holiday…


Please check your inbox for the Cubase AI 6 ISO.

Thank you!

Hi guys,

I bought a TASCAM US-366 and installed Cubase LE 6… Ok, works great… until I had to do a deep clean in my PC… So I did the download of the ISO file and I tried reactivate, I received a new activation code, but when I tried to insert it, I receive the message already used, and can be used only one time (but I didn’t)… :frowning:

My account at steinberg site displays the software and the activation status: CUBASE LE 6 product activated on 14/10/2016…

Please, I need help to reactivate it…

Thanks for advance

Last year i purchased yamaha thr-10 with Cubase AI 6 bundled. i since uninstalled but now i want to reinstall it and i cannot find the disc or the code that came with. How can i reinstall it? It is already activated in my Steinberg account.


I bought CI2+ Prod Kit and received Cubase AI 6 & Wavelab LE 7 bundle. I have lost the CD. Could I receive the download link for Cubase AI 6 and Wavelab LE 7.

Thanks a lot!


I recently bought a Yamaha THR10, but I lost the disk for Cubase that came with it. Would it be possible for me to get a download link? Will I need an activation code? I would like to find some way to use this software. Thanks!

i also meets same problem, i need link download for mac, i bought the yamaha c12+ and get cubase AI 6, but now i lost my CD and i want to upgrade to cubase 9 on my mac, can you give me download link for cubase ai 6?




It’s not a requirement to have AI 6 installed to upgrade to 9, just an activated license. Please let me know if you still need the download.


Hi alex,

Yes, i plan to buy next mount, and need the software now, so i need the cubase ai 6 for now