Download Cubase AI6?

Hi all,

I bought a UR28M quite a while ago and never really worked intensely with Cubase as my DAW. But at this moment I am interested and wanted to try again with the AI6 that was provided with the hardware. To see what the flow is and if I would make the switch. But apparently it won’t install from the cd on my new computer anymore: says I need at least OS 10.5 although I am on 10.12 now??

Can I get a downloadlink/iso?
I did register and activate the product in 2015 and have a Soft-eLicenser code, but that was on my previous computer…

Thank you very much for helping me out.

Obviously no one can know which software will work with OSes that appear in some years. The version compatibility for your OS should be listed on teh Steinberg page.

If you registered it, it should be available for download in your mySteinberg account.

it says: code has been used before. I have my Soft-eLicenser number and old activation code, but apparently I have to get a new one to reactivate? How do I get this new one?

Thank you

Someone can send me download link for Cubase AI 6 ?

thanks in advance.

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i need that iso to!

Here is an ISO image download for Cubase AI 6: