Download Cubase5


A few years ago I bought an original copy of cubase5.
After years of quiting producing, the DVD with the software is lost.
Can’t find it anymore.
Now I wan’t to start producing again but can’t install cubase5 without the software.

Does somebody know where I can download the original version?
I still got the e-licencer dongle an the registration/activation code.

Unfortunately Steinberg don’t provide the download of cubase 5 on the support page on the website.
Only the update to 5.5.3.

Does somebody has an link to a trusted downloadpage for the original copy?

Hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Same thing here, i have cubase 7.5 license, but i would like to use 5 as well, so i created support request at mysteinberg about 2 months ago, asking if they could send me a link for cubase 5 iso, but sadly they still haven’t answered.