Download HalionSonic2 and Halion 5 installation

Just an easy question (hopefully!).

I am a HalionSonic2 and Halion 5 user. I want to install the two VST instruments on a new computer but don’t have access to the installation disks at the moment.
Where can I find and download the full installation files so I can be up and working?

Thank you in advance

You’ll have to pop a request to Steinberg support. They don’t directly host public facing links to install media.

Thank you so much. I did that already and wait for support to get back to me.

Dear Bach, Dear Users,

JMCecil is right. When you need installation files for any Steinberg Software, feel free to contact the tech support.

@Bach: I will send you the download links today!



Hello Jan,

I have already sent an email to Steinberg tech support on Sunday. That would be fantastic if you could send me the links today,Thank you so much in advance!


Done :wink:

Thank you so much Jan,

Amazing support as always :slight_smile:

I was buy HalionSonic2 license today. I have only HalionSonic1 trial DVD disks, and now I want to upgrate. I need link for download the full installation files.

Thank you in advance


If you need the installer for any piece of software, please contact the support by email.

info [at] steinberg dot de