Download, installation issues

Hi All,

Just upgraded from 9.5 to 10.5 and I installing this on a different PC (laptop) to try it out so used download assistant to download and install.

I think the download was fine but…

Unzipping the downloaded folder possibly threw up some errors - “could not create folder” when unpacking.

I thought it had actually done it successfully and Cubase appears to be installed ok but not without issues when installing - i think some plugins may not have bee installed as they were missing?

I received a couple of error messages saying that “… tabs will” not be available or are will be missing.

Cubase appears to be running OK .

Any one else experienced this?

How can I find out what is missing?

thanks in advance,


uninstalled and unpacked Zip again…

No issues unpacking. No can’t find the retro log files.

Now uninstalling again using the installer… not from add remove programs!?

Third time - no error messages this time - think I’ve cracked it!

Final question… above are fixed really - what should I do with the “Additional Content” folder from the installer. Has this been installed somewhere already?