Download link for 13.0.21

Hey!! Anyone knows where I can download Cubase 13.0.21?

I keep crashing since the upgrade to 13.0.30, but I can’t find 13.0.21 anywhere online, in forums or in download assistant. Would love some help on this. Thx!

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I doubt there’s a link anywhere.

Once a version is in your computer’s downloads area…copy the zip/installer to an external drive etc for safekeeping. Each time.

That’s the only access to everything.

You’ve probably already noticed that the general Steinberg downloads area isn’t every incremental version.

I have installers that go back years. Not that I’ll ever use…but you never know.

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Sorry, I found only link for 13.0.20. I will leave it here if you want to use it:

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Hi again,
I found Cubase 13.0.21 but only in Elements version. You can try to install that!

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@Borsook -

Hi! Thank you so much! I just saw this message, since it seems to be blocked by my email provide. You help is greatly appreaciated man, thank you!!!

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