download link removed after many failed attempts

recently purchased cubase artist 6 to 8 upgrade which just refuses to download completely no more than 2gb are downloaded before the link is broken
i’ve tried this on 3 different fast broadband isp virgin sky & ee they work fine with any other downloads and streaming

i’ve also used chrome ,internet explore & firefox still no joy
and to top it all off the confirmation email no longer has the download links :imp: , seems like i used up all my download attempts why is there a download limit if you know there,s an issue :confused:
i know im not the only one with this problem yet it still hasn’t been sorted out
any suggestions on how to get a clean download or even resume a download or even how to get my links back

You have your USB-eLicenser and the activation code? Use the eLicenser Control Center to download the license onto your USB-eLicenser. You might want to download the latest version of the eLCC from
If the eLicenser is registered in your MySteinberg account, you should find the Cubase download in your MySteinberg account as well.