Download Links to Older Versions of Cubase

Downloads for some older versions are available at

Cubase SX 3, for Converting Cubase songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format is available:

For versions not available there, post to this topic.

Hi Steve. You locked my thread and linked the download site so I’ll reply in this thread. As you can see in the link you provided, the downloads for Cubase LE4 requires a disc and already installed software which is why I asked for some way to download the software without a disc.

What OS and version are you on? Windows 10 provides built in feature to mount .iso images.

On Windows 7 you can download freeware WinCDEmu from SysProgs which is safe.

I’m on Windows 10! But the issue is that Cubase LE 4 only have updates and hotfixes as downloads, not the actual base software itself. Though I might be missing something obvious here, so I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

It’s a free version of Cubase is it not?


No, it’s not free version. You buy I the license bundled with some specific hardware.


I sent you PM with Cubase LE 4 ISO link.

I came to this site hoping to find a downloadable copy of Cubase 5 - but there are only updates.

I also can’t find any way to email for support - so I’m trying this.

I recently had to retire my dedicated music computer of 12 years, and use a new one which does not have a CD drive. I’ve also heard issues about versions of OSX being incompatible with older versions of Cubase. I’m sure a copy of LE would serve me just fine, which as I understand is free, but I need a code to download it. How can I get this code?


Hi and welcome,

I sent you PM.

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