Download manager question

Hi all, this has me scratching my head wondering, thought I’d post something here in hopes of an answer.

I’m curious to know why the download manager tells me I own cubase 11 when I paid for cubase 10.5?? I bought a steinberg daw interface that came with a free copy of cubase le 10.5, then paid to upgrade to elements. Just wondering why it says i own version 11 in the download manager??

I did try and install ver 11 however the install tells me my key is invalid.

Thanks in advance

The download assistant is a work in progress.

It does not know what you own, it knows what you have used the Download Manager to download.

The licenses you own are displayed in the Elicenser Control app on your computer and in your Steinberg account, assuming you have registered your USB key or SeL through the Elicenser app.

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Thanks steve…that’s what i was thinking…appreciate your reply!

Right-o. They have said that long-term they want one integrated app for all that - licensing, downloads, content.