Download Nuendo 6 for my laptop

OK I’m a Nu user since n1.6 and for the life of me I can,t figure out how to download N6 on my laptop. I have a current e licence for Nu6 for the studio and need it on my laptop. How do I get the software on my laptop? I have the dongle in the new laptop up to date. PLS help.

Must be a stupid question, no replies?

This is like the third or fourth time someone is asking for the installer. I don’t understand why it’s not super-easy to find on It should be a no-brainer to make it clear where it is and to download. The software is dongle-protected so I don’t see what the problem is.

I downloaded the trial version and it opened right up when I put the dongle in . I must have the original installer at the studio.
I’m about to purchase NEK so I’ll re-install when I get that downloaded.
Are the downloads not full installs?
Thanks :unamused:

The downloads are full installs.