download 'speed' SOLVED

I have a 50Mbps FIOS internet connection (speed test = 73 Mbps right now) and the Cubase 8 Pro zip file is now downloading at 90 KB /sec. = greater than 12 hours. Debating whether to restart download or assume the servers are just in overload mode. Anyone else?

Update: retry- unable to connect. Retry again - 6.92 Mbps. 9 minutes expected download time.

very slow here too :frowning:

Super slow here… 502MB of 3.8GB so far… It’s going anywhere from 40KB/sec to 240kb/sec…

Take into account that when a new version announced everyone jumps on it.
I’ll wait a week, there might be updates by then too.

I’m in Australia and getting 800kB/sec over ADSL2+, which means mine is going about as fast as my connection allows = ~8Mbps.

I initially followed the DL link from the Asknet site. That DL was only 3.8GB… I canceled that. Updated elicenser, upgraded my C7.5 license then went to My Steinberg/My Products and there is the full installer - 9.1GB. That DL speed is running at the slow end at 425KB/sec and as fast as 750KB/sec… says 4hrs or so to DL…

Yep. Very slow… I can typically download 3.0 megs a second and I’m getting 100kbps on average.

The whole download took 7mins to complete, that is 7mins I newer get back :wink:

Jeez… I have a 2Mb line… and can’t use a download manager… :frowning:

super super slowwwww 49kb terrible service…

It downloaded at 11MB/s here - only took 7 mins for the whole 4.2GB! I don’t think the problem is at the server end.

I have a 320mbps connection and with Cubase 8 I’m getting 150kb/sec :frowning:

me too…
cubase 9 will be announced until this one downloads :mrgreen:

wow… i should had look at this earlier !!! upgrade 3gig shows 10 hours and its downloading for 4 hours already.
the full installer download from steinberg shows 12 min… mmmm
thanks for the info…
is it safe to install the full program on top of cubase 7.5 ? (win 7 here)

What’s going on with the servers? I’ve been attempting to download the upgrade from 7.5 to 8 for the past 2 hours and it’s still only at (2.6gb of 3.8gb) it originally started out at approximately 1.0mb/s but for the past 2 hours it’s been down to 72kb/s… I run an ethernet cord straight from my modem and I get a 50mbps connection… kind of tired of sitting around and waiting… are the servers just getting THAT hammered?

EDIT: for the past hour now it’s been chugging along at a steady 24kb/s… this is absolutely inexcusable… upgrade those servers or offer download mirrors elsewhere!!! :imp: :imp:

Same problem here in Ireland i have 15Meg BB speed, Tried downloading this lastnight but it kept stopping at 43% now i am stuck at 52% and its saying i have 22mins left transfer speed is 1.34MB if i pause the d/l the resume it it will start downloading again but im afraid the file might become corupt ?

take a look to this thread

Works here!

I download the full Cubase PRO 8- 9GB today in full speed.
I’m on ----> 100Mbit-FiberCabel LAN. (10MB / second (megabyte per second))

All 9GB took about 10 minutes to download.

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Wow, extremely slow today. Slower than a dial-up line. I guess everyone is downloading today.

The problem with slow download speed may not be with Steinberg server side, but more likely the ISP side.

Most ISP’s on some of their services have a fair usage limit per day.
This happens even on some services that are labelled as “unlimited Services”
what happens, if you use up your fair usage limit for the day, you will still have
an active connection but your connection will be restricted to a low data rate
until the next day and in some cases next month! depending on the fair usage policy
for the ISP that you have subscribed to.