Download speed unacceptable

Since my last post in 2019, we have moved from Akamai as the content delivery network to AWS which should also be capable of delivering fast and reliable downloads. I just made a test on my system (home office with a 1000 Mbit/s cable connection):

The bottleneck might be somewhere else but anyway: how do the download rates compare between the Steinberg Download Assistant and the regular download pages? HALion Sonic SE 3 content could be a suitable download test.

Downloading via that link is fast as usual, using a 400MBit/s FTTH (Home office)

Using the link is slower, but still fast enough to get the files in a reasonable amount of time.


There are many possible issues why a download can fail and it is highly dependent on where you are, what kind of connection you have, current load on the connection (DSL and cable are shared media) and many other factors.

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Just a thought…
Have you re-powered your Modem & router.
Sometimes the ISP makes changes, ex. boosts your speed or updates their technology, and they don’t tell you.
When you re-power, everything updates on your end and you no longer have the problem.
Give it a try…
Be sure your modem doesn’t have a removable battery or it won’t work. If so, remove the battery before you Repower it.