Download speed unacceptable

Hello Steinberg,

please allow me to complain about the download speed for your products. I have purchased Cubase this morning, paid for it immediately by credit card, downloaded the Download Assistant and started downloading the purchased Cubase version. My today’s internet connection has an average download bandwidth of around 50MBit/s, but the download of Cubase comes in with a speed of between 150kBit/s and 250kBit/s - the result is that now, 7 hours after I started the download, just around 40% have been downloaded so far - this means that the total download time takes around 17 hours which is totally unacceptable ! :cry:

I wonder why your download speed is so slow, are you able to explain this? You are charging a significant amount of money for your software and for this customers can accept a state-of-the-art infrastructure to receive the products in a reasonable amount of time.

Best regards, a customer who’s first impression of your performance capability is a very bad one - I hope that your software performs better than your download infrastructure :imp:

That’s very odd! Because I never have issues with the connection to Steinberg. I have a 250 Mbit connection and just a few days ago I downloaded a fairly large file with the assistant at the same speed (about 31mb/s). Maybe something with your modem/router or maybe your ISP is throttling some sites/connections? But I’m pretty sure it’s not because the Steinberg site is that slow?

More likely, the speed is being limited by the internet service provider. Steinberg speed are fast in my experience. I have downloaded Halion6 (30Gb) on the day it was released (very busy) and I think it look only just over an hour.


thanks for the reponses, but I can assure that the problem did not occur because of a problem or speed limit caused by my provider. I checked this while the extremely slow download went on from Steinberg by downloading another file at 1GB size from another source and this was downloaded at 23Mbit/s, proving that the max of 250kBit/s coming from Steinberg have not been caused by the provider

Unfortunately, testing another source doesn’t really tell you anything about the problem- the issue could be occurring anywhere along the route between the SB servers and your machine.

Agree - just interesting that I never had and have this problem with such a significantly low download speed when downloading from whatever other source and whatever day of the week and time of the day in the past 3 years after I upgraded my internet connection to 50 Mbit/s, and believe me I’m a deeply knowledgeable IT guy knowing a lot about WAN technology and ways to identify a problem. I strongly assume that this was a Steinberg-Infrastructure related problem but it’s to hear that all of you haven’t had this problem which may look like it was a one-time issue and I stepped into this accidentally. The product by the way is great, really powerful!

I’ve just taken delivery of a new system :sunglasses: and downloaded the latest FULL inistallers with all content of Cubase, Halion and Padshop… ALL at between 100 and 113Mbit/s…

The problem appears to be at the OP’s end…

We use Akamai as the content delivery network, one of the bigger ones worldwide and we pay a fortune for it already :wink: The download speed many vary due to different factors involved but usually, it is fast. This is why we cannot really assist here.

I have downloaded Steinberg, too. And I didn’t have problem with Steinberg wrt downloading. Probably, It has something to do with your service provider. Also were you allowed to choose mirrors before downloading. If you can do that, try to use the most appropriate mirror to download. It would help you to increase your download speed considerably.

Hello - I know this is an old thread, but I came searching for it because I’m having the same problem. I have a fairly fast download connection, but can only get 1-3 MB/sec at Steinberg. Very slow. I know -steve- mentioned that comparing to another site might not be entirely the same, but I also find downloading from multiple other sites much faster.

Are there other mirrors? The problem might be that I’m on the east coast of USA. Ed Doll mentions they do not have problems on their side, but I see that he’s in Hamburg, Germany. Perhaps if there were a mirror in the states, the speeds might be different. Just a thought. Thanks.

Hello! I am sorry to hear that! As mentioned, we use Akamai and their network has many mirrors worldwide. See this page for details:

Same problem here in Australia.
Latest fix 10.5.10 of 340MB seems to take 1/2 hour, about 260 kb/s
My connection is fast, about 100 Mbps over cable.
Something wrong with Steinberg, as other sites are fast

Thanks for the feedback!
Although it leads to the same servers: is there a difference between a download using the Steinberg Download Assistant and the direct download? For Cubase 10.5, you can find them here:

Just trying to find a potential error in the chain.

Austalia has shat internet connectivity in general don’t they? everyone I have game with who is in Australia always has the worst lag regardless of their net speed.

Too many factors to know that for fact.

Ok, lets not blame Steinberg then :slight_smile:
Must be a bottleneck somewhere, what used to be quick to download, now takes forever.
Luckily I had save installation files for Groove Agent 5 + all the add-ons…would have been downloading for a week otherwise :slight_smile:
Cheers ! Ronnie

It’s probably not a Steinberg issue? I really never had any issues with downloadspeeds from Steinberg. just make sure you use the ‘Download Assistant’. Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg

Because there can be a difference with just downloading via Downloads | Steinberg.

If you are not getting good download speeds then I believe it is time for you to find out whether your internet connection is working properly or not.

Try downloading some other files over the internet and tackle the problem one at a time.

hello. Yes, I have to also confirm i am getting speeds of 120 kbit/s
While i have just downloaded software from UAD, Native Instruments, Artruia, and IK Multimedia without a problem.
It does appear that the problem is with the Steinberg side to me, perhaps its cause the version i am using is the Elements version (so cheaper version - slow speed).

Same here - I can underline the experiences of many others in the chat here. There is nothing to complain if download speed is a bit slower than usual. 500kb/s max!! Also breaking up all the time. Never encountered anything like that before. Very disappointing customer experience for such pricy software products :-1: