Download SX3 on 6.5 license?

Hi forgive my posting a quick question when I’m sure it’s been asked many a time - I’m in a terrible rush and if someone could point me to a link to get me started I’d be most grateful!

Basically I heard rumour that of all the older DAW version SX3 was the only one you could download from the Steinberg site.

I imagined this was for those of us who have legacy projects we want to open. I indeed have some old college projects and a lower spec laptop I’d like to install SX3 on - is this possible under the umbrella of my 6’5 license and if so how?

Many thanks indeed in adnvace.
Most gratefully yours etc… Tony! :slight_smile:

  1. Download SX3 from here:
  2. Install it
  3. Plug in your USB dongle

Oh thank you so much! Great!! :smiley:
Have a lovely evening!!