Download time

Anybody know what the current download time is for N 7 from asknet in the US?
I’m not gonna do a 20 hour DL

I did it this morning and it took me about an hour to 75 minutes… something like that…

30 minutes at 2pm (Paris time) today.

40 minutes here in the Pittsburgh PA area.

About one hour here. I think this is gonna need a bug fix soon. Haven’t had time to really dig in but I’m going bass fishing for two weeks soooooo…
Bass early and late Nu 7 mid day and night.

About 45 minutes, just now (Belgium).

Got it in 55 minutes in Toronto…middle of the day.
Looks nice, now I just need to dig in. Looks like an even deeper set of options and settings… :astonished:

10 hours and still waiting. Faroe Islands…

35 minutes for me.