Downloaded Macro/Script Example not working

The downloadable “Init Basic Controls DL.vstpreset” on this page looks like something very useful and important.

It seems to have great examples of script interacting with controllers and the use of scope in parameter selection.

It should look like this:

But mine looks like this: The script error indicator is also on.

The script and other resources don’t seem to connect.

Has anyone else tried this preset?

Yes, and i had the same result as your picture below: no graphics and just the frames.
This is confusing since it is an example from their help center, but just use the templates that come with Halion itself and they seem to work. I also had another problem with the first vstpreset i am making. It seems to loose it’s references to the samples. I did save the macro, the vstpreset, the program… and the samples are located where they should be on the drive. But i’m not sure yet. It might be user error too since i admit i’m not used to the new software and user error might definitly be the case. On top of that the licenser was acting weird too.

The included templates work fine, but I was hoping to get some more insight into how scripting fits into Macro design.

The online help and manual is a bit short on real world examples. They are mostly self contained and don’t really show how the connection from control element to script to parameter.

At what point are you losing sample reference? Is it with re-importing your preset?

i redid what i was busy with, and then the references were ok.
So user error was the case for me.
It’s a new thing after all, and i will probably bump on other obstacles before i finally get something finished.
THat’s why i don’t do any issue listing yet, because the problem is most likely me for the moment. :slight_smile:
But for those who read this: making vsti’s — save the work, and save and save again. :slight_smile:

kind regards,


we will check why the Basic Control Template does not connect and let you know.

Thanks very much. This will be greatly appreciated.

We have updated the template. Please download the new file and give it a try.

Works perfectly!

Thanks very much for this. It’s going to be a great help.