Downloading an earlier version of Cubase Elements

If I purchase Cubase Elements 10 from the company, Sweetwater, will I be able to instead download a previous version of your software? My computer runs on Windows 7 which is not compatible, and as I understand, I will need to download version 7.5 to work on Windows 7. Is that correct?

Thank you


The latest Windows 7 compatible was Cubase 10. Cubase 10.5 is only Windows 10 compatible.

In general, yes, you are allowed to run an older Cubase version with your license.

But I see no way on your website to download earlier versions. Only version 10.5.

Ah, thank you very much.

One more question (I promise!!)

Do I purchase version 10.5 from this website, or from Sweetwater, and this will get me the license key, and then I download the previous version using the link you have given me and then use this license? Or is there another procedure?


Yes, you can do it this way. Of course, you can download and install Cubase 8.5 already. It will just not start until you have a valid license.

Btw, if you are going to order Cubase Elements (as mentioned in the title) then you don’t need the USB-eLicenser. So you can start almost immediately after the purchase. You would get Download Access Code. You would register it to your MySteinberg account, where you would get Activation Code. You would activate the license in the eLCC and you can start.

Okay, I did as you said. I downloaded and installed an earlier version of Cubase Elements. The only one listed that would work on Windows 7 was version 7.0.8. As I said, I downloaded it and installed it.

Next, I purchased on your website Cubase Elements 10.5. I did that today, 10/05/2020.

And then I downloaded the latest version of the eLicense Control Center and selected “Online synchronization and maintenance.” Years ago I got a free copy of WaveLab LE 8. That is the only thing that shows up on my eLicencer.

So how do I now get my Cubase Elements v7.0.8 to work?


When you purchased Cubase Elements 10.5, you have received Download Access Code. Enter this code in your MySteinberg account to register it. You will get Activation Code. Enter the Activation Code to the eLCC application. Cubase Elements 10.5 license will be downloaded to your Soft-eLicenser and you can start it or any older Cubase Elements version.

I received no download access code. I received no email saying I had purchased the software.


Then follow my steps with the Download Access Code, please.

Okay, Martin my friend. Your instructions say: "When you purchased Cubase Elements 10.5, you have received Download Access Code. "

That’s the problem. I have NOT received a Download Access Code. None! No Download Access Code. Once I have it, I see what I need to do with it but I DON’T have a Download Access Code. It was never given to me. If they were supposed to email it to me, they DIDN’T.

How do I get my Download Access Code?

First: did you check your spam folder?

If still no mail with the code, log in to your shop account here:

The code may be listed under your order…

Here’s the end of the story! I tried to order Cubase again at the Steinberg site. Near the end of the process the message said that it was going to redirect me to my bank to validate my credit card information, and then return me to this site. But the redirect gave me a message saying something about the url not being found.

So, I logged into Sweetwater, ordered Cubase from them, and was immediately given the access code. Everything is fine now. You can close out this topic. But thanks for all your help. I know you all were as frustrated as I was.