Downloading Cubase 6.5

Hi. Is it possible to download Cubase 6.5 and then go back to 6.0 if need be? I’ve been burnt recently by some system-screwing downloads (mainly NI) and am a bit wary. How stable is 6.5? 6.0 has given me no trouble.


Antony Mann.

Yes, when you are owner of Cubase 6, and update it to the Cubase 6.5, you have license to Cubase 6 too.

6.5 has been stable for me from day one and it is now on version 6.5.4, so we are well down the road and any problems have been addressed.

OK, about this, agree. Cubase 6.5 is stable, and works great!

Everything stable here. I am also using some stuff from Native instruments. No problems so far.

Thanks guys, I think I’ll go for it. I’ve never had real problems with Cubase either, it’s usually just the NI updates and downloads which give me grief.


Antony Mann.