Downloading Reverence

Reverence seems to be missing. How do I download?

Reverence can be found under Insert Effects , there is nothing to download

What exactly do you mean by “Reverence”?
If you are referring the Reference Manual, I think there must be a way via Dorico’s Help Menu.

OP means the Steinberg Reverence reverb VST.

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I don’t have any deep technical knowledge about the Reverence Plugin, but at least you can try the following:
Download the Dorico installer from here:

Unzip it

Go to Dorico/Additional Content/VST Sound/ and grab all three Reverence files in the subfolders, put them somewhere handy.

Go to the Dorico Program Files, in Windows it’s something like C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\ and from there go to \VSTAudioEngine\VST Sound\ and paste those three Reverence files there.

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Sorted now. Thanks all.