Downloads failing in Steinberg Download Assistant

I am trying to download some VSTs that I never really considered using. I upgraded to Cubase 12 Elements a long time ago, but never downloaded all of the instruments or content simply because I never had the hard drive space. Recently I bought a SSD drive that has enough storage space. I am curious if these downloads have expired for me? The downloads go through the process and all and I get a check mark. Even in the Library manager it lists all of the content I have downloaded. I just keep getting a failed message if I try to move the content to the SSD drive? In Cubase itself I load the VST and I get a message asking for a license? My guess is that the downloads did not go through. I am working with limited hard drive space to download content to the designated download folder so I set my target folder to the external drive. Any thoughts on this?


What kind of message do you get? Could you attach a screenshot?

Are you sure, you have license for the given content? What content exactly is it?

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Halion 7, Groove Agent, Backbone. I figured since it lets select and start a download then I would have access to it? I don’t know how to check what I actually purchased like what came with Cubase Elements 12? Thanks for your quick reply

In the Download Assistant: on the left hand side select the category “my product downloads”. There click on Cubase Elements 12.
That will display any content that you can download and have a license for.

Halion 7, Groove Agent 5, and Backbone are not included in Cubase.
However, Halion Sonic 7 and Groove Agent 5 SE are included. Those should be listed as downloadable when you follow a/m steps.


Thank you very much for this quick and easy solution to my problem. I appreciate the quick reply as well.

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