DOWNMIX Presets: Lost functionality to older version

Previously I used a 3 monitor setup in control room (Cubase 5) for mixdown reference:

Mon A: ATC16 - Occasional Hi Level Check (10%), HiFi magnifying glass
Mon B: Aurasphere/Focal Hi res - Main Nearfields (30% mix time) (I got rid of my ns10s after these)
Mon C: Aurasphere ‘Perspectives’ (auratone principle 60%) mix time

When I first start fleshing the mix out…its all in the midrange so Im on monitor C BUT for the first while, I mix it in mono on 1 speaker so the front/back depth is sorted before moving on.
I previously had a downmix preset in stereo which summed the input in mono and send the signal out the left speaker only

I was on Cubase 5 for many years with no probs…its a good upgrade price so Im just on the trial at the moment but simple little things like this are important to workflow. I know I can just put an insert plug in but…why?

The input ‘width’ control is now missing in the editor?
The downmix pre-set doesn’t seem to remember the solo state of the output channels when recalled.


^ nobody??