Downsampling from 96k to 48k using Nuendo.

Hi all, on an existing project I need to downsample all of the 96k audio to 48k in order to be able to have enough processing power for an updated mix. I usually use Sample Manager (Izotope algorithms) for doing this to stereo mix files if needed, but would Nuendo do as good a job in this case? There are large amounts of audio files and major edits, so I would need to do it this way. Mind you: I’m NOT adjusting the bit rate – only the sample rate.

I have had no issues using Nuendo’s downsampling from 96->48. Sounds great to me.


You won’t be damaging the audio by using Nuendo. However, I’d recommend doing test files of Izotope and Nuendo conversions and then do a blind A/B listening test to hear if you prefer one or the other (or cannot tell the difference). Personal preference here is Wavelab resampler.

Good idea. The only reason I wanted to try to keep it in Nuendo is that I will lose the massive amounts of edits in this session if I do it in another app. Unfortunately they aren’t bounce-able because the edits are constantly changing to picture.

Sounds like you’ve answered your own post :slight_smile: You’re obliged to do it in Nuendo.

Indeed. :smiley: I just wanted to know how it compares because I didn’t have time to test yesterday, but I had a little time to do compare this morning. It’s not a huge difference, but there is a subtle difference (could be the placebo effect though) – but it will work in this case.