DP3... missing auxiliary notes ?

I have just opened an older project in DP 3 to transfer the new possibilities of trills and here is the result.
In a new project there are no problems with displaying the small notes. A bug ??

left half tone //right whole tone


It could be a font problem: try restarting your computer.

Or it could be a problem with a setting in your project, in which case please zip it up and attach it here so we can take a look. (This is my chance to sing my favourite song today.)

Even after restarting, the fonts may be missing and it is not possible to save the selection of the Auxiliary notes in engraving option as Save as Default. When restarting, this setting is not saved.

Diagnose Zip went to Daniel ,because too big as an attachment.

Thanks Eggi

Eggi, please remove that email address. The reason that all Steinberg staff go with the method of writing initial dot last name at steinberg dot de is because robots scour webpages for email addresses, which get added to spam mailing lists. By explicitly posting Daniel’s email address, you’re potentially liable for him receiving even more email than he already does.

No Problem, Thanks…