DPI Scaling Issues w/ Windows 10 / Surface Book


I recently got a Windows Surface Book and installed the trial of Elements 8 to see how it would run.

The graphics scaling is impossible. The control icons and buttons are so small it’s almost impossible to work in Wavelab at all. Setting the icons to +5 in options redraws them the same size and checking or unchecking the Properties > Compatibility for Disable DPI Scaling on High Resolution Displays has no effect: Wavelab draws itself exactly how it pleases and no differently.

I see from the forums that people have this sort of problem with dual monitors, but this is just a single monitor. The resolution is something like 3000 pixels x 2000 pixels, and at the Windows default of 96 DPI the icons, which should be 1/4" square, are more like 1/16" plus a little.

Anyone have success using Wavelab on a high DPI monitor in Windows 10?

Thanks in advance.