Drag a part

Every time I drag a part, I can’t see the screen for lipstick and mascara and the high heels keep falling off.
What am I doing wrong.


Sounds mainly like a cosmetic problem, have you tried adjusting up the makeup gain in the strip compressor?

That fixed it, now another quick question.
How do you drag a local Bar, they seem impossible heavy to move.

This is a known issue with the rules that govern physical reality. The Steinberg devs are working on it, but there’s no known time when they’ll figure it out. By the way, this issue has been around for a while, check out INewton’s posts about it- like that guy wrote a whole book. What a whiner.

Well, you use the Drag Bar.

Pop-up bars are lighter…and are presumably included in the Pop Essentials for Groove Agent Collection.

Found a solution “Move to Bar” works, kind of.
Now everything is double %-)

Hmm indeed but my fear would be that having “Moved to bar” I wouldn’t be able to Drag From bar…ever!

Haha, thanks for playing guys.