Drag and drop audio files (again)

Drag and drop audio files is not working again. I had that problem before and solved it with windows configuration (something with security sheck to be low) but now it doesn’t work again. I’m on win10 64, “verification of files” is disabled, I have no idea. Do you have one ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there

I think it is to do with administrator rights, if you launch Cubase with administrator rights (or not if you already are) then it will work. However changing this can have other side effects.

Best Regards, Dave

Oh my, I guess that’s it, I turned on administrator rights few days ago… As soon as I get home I’ll try that, but as you say, turning it off will have other side effects…

It should be turned off, for Cubase.
No side effects.
It can be necessary to use admin rights for installing any low level components like Drivers and Copy Protection.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I turned them on after reading a post on the “10.5 is unstable” thread, but except for that drag&drop problem, I saw no difference.