Drag and drop audio loop timestretch

Hi all,

Wanted to first off say how much I love cubase, a huge fan of the product.

A bit of background, I’ve been a music composer since the 1980s (started with a amiga 500) worked in the industry since 1990. Used every daw on the market to date both PC and Mac (last being Logic Pro X) and now can safely say Cubase is absolutely my favorite, the one ring to rule them all.

That said, something I’ve been missing from previous daws I can’t seem to find in cubase, which Im guessing might be an option turned off? I usually don’t use loops in any form, but like to use scratch ideas to get the tempo or energy from stems Ive laid down before. Normally when you drag and drop a clip from the loop browser, it will auto sync with the tempo without having to use a tool to time stretch the material.

Is the an option to default a loop to sync to the proper tempo automatically? This seems the general behavior of most daws, wanted to know how to turn it on in Cubase.

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I’m not often working with loops and stuff but I think

  • Cubase needs to know the original tempo of your loop. Can be defined/tagged in Media Bay/Loop Browser (I think…)

  • down right in Loop Browser/Media Bay (which are basically just different views of the same thing) there are three buttons, one of them needs to be on to automatically perform the tempo alignment


Tried that option and it still doesn’t timescretech to tempo. In cubase do you always have to stretch audio with the tool to match tempo?

Cubase doesn’t have drag to stretch. Reaper does this really great, wish cubase did.

You can stretch freely on percentage or based on the position of l/r locators by selecting event and using the timestretch function in the audio menu… also gives ability for different algorithms.

The arrow has 3 different states (press 1 to toggle), ‘normal’, slide, timestretch.

Yes. Always make sure ‘musical timebase’ is selected for the given track (look for a note symbol). If your loop doesn’t have embedded time infomation, you can create it (cubase calls it ‘defining a grid’) either manually or automatically in the audio editor. If you want to ‘paint’ loops (or any kind of event), make sure the snap setting is to “bar”, and just select ALT and drag from the bottom right corner of a loop as far as you want.

Hello together

For me it’s kind of weird. In the loop-browser a certain loop is played in sync with the project as long as it is in the loop browser preview. Once I insert it to a cubase audiotrack by drag and drop it’s not in sync anymore.

Such a behaviour doesn’t make any sense to me. Is there really no possibility to drag and drop directly from the loop browser in sync?!

Cheers Olivier