Drag and Drop audio - Windows 7 64 [RESOLVED]

I recently upgraded to Cubase 7.5.1 and I thoroughly miss being able to drag and drop audio from my explorer folders (i.e. My Documents) directly into my Cubase project. I now have to use the ‘Import’ method which takes longer to navigate and doesn’t have a good search function - unlike Windows Explorer.

It used to work fine with Cubase 5.

Does anyone know if there’s an option to enable it or has it just been removed?

Thank you.

Try using media bay, that’s what it’s for. Just add the folders by ticking them in the file explorer.

Thanks for the response but I’ve tried. You have to jump through more hoops to use MediaBay than Windows Explorer. It’s not as efficient, imho, nor does it respond to Windows’ window-snap function which is very useful when dragging and dropping.

Hi ErpCreature,

please open your Windows Control Panel, go to “User accounts” and select “User Accounts Control Settings”. There, please move the slider to its lowest postion “Never notify”. Accept the changes and reboot your computer.


This worked, thank you. I should have turned off that annoying Windows 7 notification/permission nonsense ages ago!

Bumping - not solved on Windows 8.

Try these steps here:


Ignore their advice to select Background Services under Processor Scheduling, as it is not relevant to Cubase these days.

Re the individual disabling of power control for USB devices, I suggest unchecking the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option for all devices with a Power Management panel in both the _Human Interface Dev_ices and the Universal Serial Bus sections of Device Manager. This may also get rid of some Bluetooth keyboard response problems as well. Note that changing USB connections around may cause the box to be checked again.

Re keeping drivers up to date, Win 8.1 seems to do a pretty good job of doing that, with the advantage that it only installs what is absolutely needed, rather than the bloatware that using the ‘official’ drivers often involves. I have found many times that using the ‘official’ driver packages, especially for video, Ethernet, Bluetooth and system, problems have been introduced, which disappeared when I uninstalled the packages, rebooted, and just let the OS do its automatic driver download thing.

Why did 7.5.1 require disabling such protection for Win 7? Such action does not seem to be required for Win 8.1.

I have only dropped the setting to the second last one from the recommended second one, because with large or multiple monitors, having them all go dim is almost like being in a blackout!

cant believe it,the control panel thing works.
thank you

In fact, one of the things they recommend is what got me in trouble: running Cubase in administrator mode.

I am not sure what that has to do with the previous issue at all.

I am curious as to why you say this tho. I am not about to move to W8 for any reason but would love to know why it is such a pain in the ass for so many users. :slight_smile:

Removing UAC did not work for me. I still am not able to drag and drop files into Cubase. Any other ideas ?

Hi guys, I would’nt really mark this as resolved TBH…

  • If your like me who requires Cubase 7.5 to run as admin because of things like jBridge, then you will find drag and drop still does not work,
  • to get round this you unfortunately need to run explorer.exe as admin also which can get tedious everytime you load windows.
  • I looked around at seeing if there was a script to unload explorer.exe and reload as admin but real simple joy
  • then I remembered there are other alternative explorers that run as admin by default e.g. http://better-explorer.com
  • this works, but i don’t particularly like the app, so still looking for a nicer looking one.
  • but for those who need drag and drop there you go!


If your running your Cubase as admin, along with anything like jBridge etc… untick all the apps your using “run as administrator” and then apply Full Control permissions to each of the program folders to your user account. (Right click program folder and click properties then the security tab)

Then load Regedit and goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
and change UAC Enabled: 1 to UAC Disabled: 0, then Reboot!

This will resolve all your drag and drop problems.

I think that everyone’s aim should be like - why jbridge and others need us to run DAW as an administrator and waste time on finding a way to fix drag and drop? So I think that’s jbridge and other manufacturers problem and THEY should make plugins working like other plugins - normally, without need of making windows not safe.

BY THE WAY - if someone is reading it - I still use jbridge version 1.5 - this is the version which isn’t asking for run as an administrator.

windows 10 Pro Regedit - “EnableLUA” from 1 to 0