Drag and Drop - DragonDropper

dragon dropper.png
I am just about finished with my dragonDropper Program. It works better than the old xml translator program.

For one when you start the drag from dragondropper focus is returned to cubase/nuendo.

You can specify several drop locations. You can also preview sounds that have been dropped.

All your locations are remembered when you restart the program.

Larry P e a c o c k ( I have to spell that way or else the forum renames it “rock”)

Cool! and what now?

Thanks! Looking forward to it :sunglasses:

sweet! (BTW is there a chance it would recognize regions dropped onto it, as well as then dropping those into other apps as files containing but the region data?)

bump - any news on this one?

looking forward to this man! let me know when u are releasing it

any news on this one?