Drag and Drop Events to Media Bay

…here it is again. We need it.

The ability to store and organize your events (within and accross projects) in the Media Bay - by drag & dropping them in and out.

When such an effort is put into workflow improvements, why not pick this beautifully ripe low hanging super fruit?!
Not being able to do this just seems silly. It would make Cubase much smoother and faster to work in!

Could also be a new Event Bay or something - with only the user’s own material. For storing little MIDI and audio snippets, motifs, gestures etc., so they can be quickly accessed when composing and producing.

With hope and thanks for a great DAW!

+1. The mediabay needs a major overhaul, imo. Full drag and drop would be welcome !

Before you could drag and drop into media bay. I don’t know what is the problem with Steinberg.


It feels more like an expected behavior rather than a feature request :confused: